Dear Brethren and Ladies,

Thank you for electing me as Master of Home Lodge No. 721. Here is the Living Business Plan your officers have adopted:

(Potential Energy)

Home Lodge No. 721 is a place where men of good character come together to improve themselves, their families, and their spiritual lives. It is a place where the highest Masonic values are learned by its members and applied in all their doings. As Freemasons, we learn a way of life from our ancient teachings, develop meaningful and fulfilling lifelong relationships, and grow as men. It is also a place where men never hesitate to go out of their way to assist a widow or a brother in need. Home Lodge is a “Home” where our members and their families can increase in spirituality and find like-minded positive thinkers. It is a place on which members of our community can depend for stability, leadership, and knowledge.  It is a house of prayer and growth.

(Actualized Energy)

To – Spread the Masonic light of truth and civility, not only within the Lodge but also throughout our respective communities,

In a way – that promotes a lifestyle that exhibits a high value for positive interactions, charity for the incapacitated or destitute, and a thirst for continual improvement,

So that – our Lodge becomes a source of Light to our community for the purpose of exporting these universal Masonic virtues to help our communities become a better place to live.

Action Plan

  1. Promote fraternal relations within the Lodge through social events and programs.
  2. Recover from the effects of Covid-19 on the Fraternity through officer & membership enrichment and resuming degrees.
  3. Increase knowledge of the Fraternity in our immediate community through outreach and charity.