The Hiram Award started in 1977 and was meant to recognize a Masonic brother in the lodge who has demonstrated loyal and long-lasting service to his lodge. These brothers consistently donate their time and labor to benefit the lodge year after year. One recipient is selected every year to receive this distinct honor.
*Deceased     **Demitted

Irving Levine, P.M.* 1979
Fred Price* 1980
Sidney L. Herman* 1980
Herbert Posnack* 1981
Abraham J. Marks, P.M.* 1981
Harold J. Zinkow, P.M.* 1982
Allen Price* 1983
Irwin Rosenberg 1984
Harry Angel 1985
Joseph Samuel* 1986
Louis Wexler, P.M.* 1987
S. William Gershon, P.M.* 1988
Ben Leibowitz* 1988
Lester Price, P.M.* 1989
Allen F. Kelman, P.M. 1990

Stanley R. Taub, P.M. 1991
Howard Levin 1992
Norman I. Libes, P.M.* 1993
Herbert Hyman* 1994
Louis Kaminer 1995
Donald T. Pollock, P.M. 1995
Benjamin Ennis, P.M.* 1996
Barney B. Kort 1996
Jerome H. Shatanoff* 1997
Bruce M. Blitz** 1998
Clifford C. Schlesinger, P.M.* 1999
Jack Brehm 2000
Leo Witz* 2001
Jack A. Klapper, P.M.* 2002
Ralph B. Dash, P.M. 2003

Herschel P. Mazer, P.M. 2004
Seymour Borenstein* 2005
Gary B. Levitt* 2006
Gerard E. Deprest 2008
Lynn M. Freed, P.M. 2009
William “Bill” Rosenthal* 2010
Ralph Feldfeber* 2011
José A. Fiss, P.M.* 2012
Steven L. Eberhardt, P.M. 2013
Moses M. Gazazian 2015
Richard A. Weiser, P.M. 2016
Javier De La Torre 2017
Stephan Varsam, P.M. 2018
Aaron J. Cohen, P.M. 2019
Andre Aladadyan, P.M 2022