Spring is Here!

By Donald Pollock, P.M.

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming! The weather is warming up, and have you noticed that people seem to be smiling and laughing more.

I heard the Hometown Party went well.  There was a good turnout, and everybody had a great time.  The Raffle went well, and with the donations, the Rainbow Girls will be off to their annual communication.  GREAT!

I would like to share something I wrote some time ago. I called it “Did You?”

Did you smile today?

Did you laugh today?                                                                        

Did you hug your favorite person or people today?                                                                                  

Did you tell them, “I Love You too?                                                

Did you make someone happy today?                                        

Did you show someone you care about today?                                                

Did you do something meaningful today?                                  

Did you?

I would believe it’s already May and time to wish our Ladies a very Happy Mother’s Day.  Thank you for all your amazing and sometimes taken-for-granted hard work and help.

Lastly, though belatedly, Helen and I would like to wish all our Home Lodge family a very Happy Passover and a very Happy Easter.