Treasurer Moses Gazazian

From The Treasurers Desk

Dear Brethren of Home Lodge,

I like to wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year and most importantly a healthy new year. Every December 31st we are told or are accustomed to make new year resolutions and try to keep those for the entire year, but sometimes we have to make adjustments and evaluations with “Life’s what if’s”. All we can do is to improve upon each situations and make things better for ourselves, our family and as Masons, for our Fraternity.

For decades we have improved our lives and enhanced our Masonic journey to benefit the Craft! This should never change except to get better. It is up to each Mason to become a better person and support the brothers in need.

Let us lean on each other, support each other and make the journey a brighter one than last year. Hope to see you all next year happy & healthy along with your families. With utmost gratitude and respect,

Moses Gazazian
Treasurer Trustee President