Moses Gazazian

From The Treasurers Desk

November has already started and as usual year is coming to and end soon. Overall in my opinion it has been a great year thus far and I’m looking for a better and more successful years to come for ourHome Lodge and our membership. We take pride as officers who serve the membership as best as best a we can, but we always prefer to hear from our members also. Listen to their concerns, comments and advise.Together we all can make a difference in our Lodge and in our lives. So let us once again praise the brotherhood that we all hold so dearly and raise the values of ourFraternity once again as we have done for so May years.Come join us once or twice a week and as often as you can and please support your line of officers, your Lodge and your Membership. This lodge belongs to all members and members make things work.

Thank You,

Moses M Gazazian,Treasurer