Junior Warden

Artin Aladadyan, P.M.

Thanksgiving is upon us, a time highlighted by large dinners and large gatherings.I’m glad we’ve arrived back at some semblance of what once was; where we can gather with loved ones again. However this year especially I am reminded of that I must be thankful for those I care for.

I am especially thankful for my older brother. He’s been as steady in my life as the horizon. Always there and even when times are dark you know in due time it’ll be there to get you to where you’re heading.

As October came to a close, I’m reminded of how thankful I am to have had our late brother Sean Innes in my life. Sean was mine and Andre’s first candidate coach and mentor in Masonry, and above that he was a close friend. It’s been a year since his passing and it still does not feel real. I will always be happy to have known him and I look forward to seeing him again someday.

So please remind those you love how much they mean to you. Life is too short and too precious.

As always, join us if you can on Wednesdays, because there’s no better place to be on a Wednesday night than at Home.

From the South,
Wor. Artin Aladadyan P.M.
Junior Warden