There have been so many times when I’ve written something, and within moments of publishing some new and more relevant, more important pops up.  Such as the passing of Bro. Carlos Gonzalez.  Truth and honesty is a cornerstone of Masonry.  The truth is I only knew Bro. Gonzalez from a distance.  What I did and do know, is that he was a dedicated brother to his craft.  A brother that gave of himself to the York Rite, with a desire to see Masonry move forward.  The loss of a brother is always heavy because any contribution that a brother makes to the craft is a contribution that allows us to push our craft to the next generation.


Forward.... we must always be looking forward.  Most of us, at least for me, looking forward is difficult when the present is filled with so much at a time, even if repetitive.  However, I believe as Masons, our craft demands that we look forward. Planning is both pertinent to operative and speculative masons.  In Operative Masonry the architect looks to the future of the edifice on his paper, upon which to draft his plans.  In Speculative Masonry, we invest in one another to secure the future of our craft.


I know for myself, looking to the future, as being a bright and prosperous future, is sometimes overshadowed but the difficulties of the present.  Whether there may be personal challenges, work challenges, or some other, it is not unreasonable to fall prey to difficulties of the present. In an earlier article I wrote about “hope.”  Forward looking is another form of hope.  The ability to look forward is necessary for anyone that desires for a future.  This is an ability each of us have, but most of us forget to use.


Now, I don’t mean looking into a crystal ball and seeing what the future holds - I mean remembering to take each day as it comes, but plan for tomorrow to be better, more productive, filled with different challenges and results.  In my opinion, hope is passive, whereas looking forward is active.  We should always have hope so that we can push through our present challenges, while at the same time looking forward to a better future but taking the necessary steps and actively participating in the planning and preparing for the future.  As a society of freethinkers, let’s look forward together.


Once again, I hope you all are doing well, and remain  healthy and safe.  My thoughts and prayers, love and condolences to the Gonzalez family.



Andre Aladadyan

Worshipful Master





14750 Sherman Way

Van Nuys, CA 91405-2214