My father has had to weather many difficulties and overcome constant set-backs in life.  When I was younger I blamed him for a lot of the misfortunes we had (however little they were).  As I got older, I understood it’s never been that cut and dry.  My father gave my brother more than we could have every needed or wanted.  The success I enjoy and have today I owe in part to my father.  So whatever we have had to endure, and whatever he has had to endure, I am forever grateful.


My brother is cut from a different cloth.  Although he is my younger brother, in many ways I look up to him. My brother has an analytical mind that, at the same time, is very much creative.  I admire the way he calculates his approach to an issue, instead of spear heading it like I do.  I admire my brother’s patients and resolve.  As we both grew with our own life experiences, I quietly took example from him.  In many ways, I have taken example from my brother and tried to emulate his qualities.  This is not to say he is without flaw and doesn’t take after me in many ways.  However, when I stepped out of my own ego to learn from others, one of the first people I looked at was my younger brother. Like my father, I am truly grateful for Artin. In more ways than I can count, he has made me a better person.


Both men have taught me many things, but one in particular is humility, resulting in the ability to accept the fact that one can learn from anyone.  Through that learning we become better.  Where the lesson comes from is not as important and learning.  I’m just lucky and grateful the lessons came from two of the most important people in my life. Masonry is all about learning and growing.  This is what Masonry is about.  Just saying, “making good men better” doesn’t do anything.  To be better, you have to step out of your own way sometimes.  True growth in life and in Masonry comes then.  If we think our answers are the only ones, or our understanding is the only one, then we will never grow, we will never understand the first line of the first sentence of our Entered Apprentice Degree.


I look forward to seeing the faces of my friends and brothers.  I miss you all, and wish you all healthy and safety.


With Love,

Andre Aladadyan

Worshipful Master

Home Lodge, No. 721






14750 Sherman Way

Van Nuys, CA 91405-2214