This has been a stark revelation for me, we all enter Masonry wide-eyed and full of hope looking for this idyllic society, but all is ever so. I will draw you to an analogy which was inspired by our Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful John Trauner. For those unaware, Right Wor. Trauner is from Rough and Ready, CA in the heart of gold country. During the California Gold Rush, countless men flocked to CA in search of their fortunes, but so many found nothing but rocks or, even more mockingly of Mother Nature, pyrite (fool’s gold). Masonry exists in much the same way. We flock to this fraternity with that idyllic view that the fraternity is filled with nothing but gold, but it’s only once we acknowledge that all that lies ahead isn’t gold that we can begin to appreciate the valuable nuggets we do find.


This isn’t to say that Masonry doesn’t have that perfection we all seek, on the contrary, IT DOES, but we need to sift through some imperfection to find it. There’s nothing wrong with this, nothing in life truly worth doing is simple or easy, and it’s that rough and rugged road over which we must pass that makes what we find that much more valuable and enriching.


As always, I want to thank everyone for their love and support of Home Lodge. Brothers have reached out and expressed regret that they cannot join us because of life’s extenuating circumstances, and to them I must emphasize, Family must come first. We’ll always be here on Wednesday nights for you when you’re ready. No matter how long you’ve been away Home is always here.


…Remember, there’s no better place to be on a Wednesday than Home.


Fraternally from the East,

Artin Aladadyan

Worshipful Master





14750 Sherman Way

Van Nuys, CA 91405-2214